Witness the Most-Awaited Street Fighter V


streetfighterThe famous fighting video game Street Fighter have finally released, the Street Fighter V. Published by Capcom with co-developer Dimps and released on February 16, 2016, Street Fighter V is the fifth of the main numbered entries in the series of the Street Fighter. The game was available for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows with the plans of releasing a version for Linux and a cross-platform play for the platforms Windows and PlayStation 4.

Features & Gameplay

One of the features of the game is the side-scrolling fighting gameplay system which is similar to the previous part of the series. The EX Gauge which is first featured in Street Fighter III is also in the game, which builds up when the player successfully land attacks and it can be useful for the power up or super combo performance. The new feature “V-Gauge” was also introduced in this latest game of the series, which can be built up when the player successfully defends attacks and acquires the three new skills V-Reversals, the V-Triggers, and V-Skills. V-Skills are unique and special attacks possessed by each fighter. V-Reversal gives the capabilities to players to utilize the section of the V-gauge in performing a counter attack after being attacked by the opponent. Lastly, the V-Triggers make use of the whole V-gauge to enable the players to perform their respective unique abilities.


Initially, the game will feature 16 characters; four of them are new entrants in the series of street fighter. Via updates, there will be more characters which are currently in development and will be added to the game. To know all of the characters, you can meet them below.

  • Birdie
  • Cammy
  • Chun-Li
  • Karin
  • Ken
  • Dhalsim
  • Nash
  • R.Mika
  • M.Bison
  • Vega
  • Ryu
  • Zangief

New Characters

  • Fang
  • Laura
  • Necalli
  • Rashid

Upcoming Characters

  • Guile
  • Alex
  • Balrog
  • Juri
  • Urien
  • Ibuki

Game Dev Tycoon Guide: Tips and Warnings for Beginners

For the people who have played this game, it is undeniable that it is truly innovative and it has gained the momentum in its popularity in the public. Patrick and Daniel Krug is the mastermind of this piece applying the concept after establishing first their own company which is the Green Heart Games founded in July of 2012. It came to their mind to make a game that is new and challenging for the players and it actually did make sense to the people. This guide’s main purpose is to further keep the players on the right path to accomplish this tricky game of creating 80’s games. The Game Dev Tycoon Guide is a portal to all the necessary information needed for the game whether they might be tips or warnings.


These are the things that you should never do

  1. Do not create games with the quantity of two or more in a row and contains the same genre/topic.
  2. Do not develop a sequel/expansion only within the time period of one year.
  3. Do not develop games sized as Large has only 2D Graphics V3 or lower or a 3D Graphics V2.
  4. AAA game must not be developed without containing 3D V6.
  5. AAA game must not be developed without requiring first all of your employees to be specialized.

Tips for the Beginners

For more Game Dev Tycoon Tips visit the Guide site.

  • Always accept an interview when you can
  • Make sure that the Tech and Design employees are balanced, 2 Full Design, 2 Full Tech, and 2 Balanced. Remember to also, balance your character.
  • The ‘investment’ is a scam, do not be fooled by it, always decline each offer like it.
  • You must always remember to patch your games.
  • It is advised that as a creator you must create a connection with your fans by giving them source code for some or your old game engines.
  • Training of all the employees is advised yourself is not an exception for the training, prepare.
  • If 200M + you must always make way to develop a console
  • If you already obtained to about 300M you must keep the pace of creating the similar game engines as it will be a tool to boost your Research Points.
  • Make sure that you make time investments for your employees. Specialization of all of them is a great move and is also needed.

A Book as Guide for Mobile Strike Game

The mobile strike game is one of the apps that engage in military strategy which further developed by Epic War. When entering the world of the battlefield, there should be plenty of huge assaulting vehicles, well-trained troops, intelligent and competitive commanders, unlimited supplies of ammunitions, explosives, bombs and heavy gigantic firearms to subdue the adversaries. One way to execute this attack and defense plan is to assist the players with the guides to help them plot the best tactic to conquer triumph.

It is unreliable sometimes to utilize hack tools or cheat engines because they might be prone to attract unwanted viruses, malware, or spyware. It takes several tries before you can choose the best hack or cheat tool without any strings of viruses or bugs. To make this possible, the need for a guide is mandatory to provide you with quality information on what Mobile Strike hack and cheat tools to be used, learn strategies in playing the game and know all of the possible solutions to help you with the Mobile Strike app.

We get used to the internet by downloading several cheat launchers or generate hack through online browsers because we want an instant remedy for our gameplay. Some may watch walkthrough videos via YouTube so they can follow the step by step procedure and leave no fun at all since there are many hints and immediate answers. Michael Hess is an author of the book, ‘Mobile Strike Secrets Revealed’ as he shared his experiences and multiple tests to successfully run the game. The book is like a Mobile Strike wiki in your pcoket. He included various tips and tactics covering all of the game from the weapons, training troops, building bases until the commencement, during and end of the epic war battle. This is uncommon to the players because it cannot be found through the internet and can only be accessed by reading the book.

Mobile Strike Wiki/Guide

Most Popular Visual Novel Games for Android

The game developers have created visual novels that can be played in Android Smartphone. Some people love to read romance animated series and choose who among the men or women will win the heart of the protagonist. There are different endings depending on the choice of the player in answering the statements and questions. There are also several events to collect various accessories, clothing, free coupon to watch advance series and more.

Developers of Visual Novels

These are the developers of the famous visual novels in Android. Usually, they follow a pattern of their graphical resolutions but differ when it comes to the story, characters and free items upon joining the events.

  • Voltage Inc.
  • NTT Solmare Corp
  • NHN Entertainment Corp.
  • Nubee Tokyo
  • Alawar Entertainment, Inc.
  • KLab
  • Zynga
  • Triple-y-studio
  • Creative Freaks

Free Voltage Inc. Visual Novels for your Android Device

Voltage Inc is a developer of the most popular visual novels in Android. It captured the hearts of the readers and makes them blush as if; they are the main casts of the game. Try these visual novels now for free!

  • Sakura Amidst Chaos – 4.4 ratings
  • Kiss me on Clover Hill – 4.4 ratings
  • Scandal in the Spotlight – 4.4 ratings
  • Butler Until Midnight – 4.3 ratings
  • Star-Crossed Myth – 4.3 ratings
  • Be My Princess 2 – 4.3 ratings
  • Metro PD: Close To You – 4.3 ratings

Cheats and Hacks for Your Forge of Empires Convenience

No wonder why this game has many Forge of Empires Hack tools because of its extreme popularity, in which based on its statistics, there are over 14,000,000 registered players on the Forge of Empires game. It is offered for Android, iOS, Mac and Microsoft Windows platforms. It is compared with Sims City because there are game strategies for building structural facilities and glorious cities. Another thing, it is also compared with Clash of Clans because of the royal battles and foes as a dueling system feature of the game. Apart from the hacking sites and tools, there are internet sources offering Forge of Empires Cheats.

Guidelines in Executing the Forge of Empires Hack Tools

Many web pages offer instructions depending on the hacking tool being utilized by the site. See the statements below that will provide you with the guidelines on how to do the hacking.

  1. You must have read various sources such as blogs, comments or suggestions that promote a Forge of Empires Cheats since they have already the experience of using the site or software so that the tool will be reliable to you.
  2. After gathering information about the best Forge of Empires Hack sites or downloadable software, check the sites and see for yourself which one have the capability to provide the best updates, upgrades, security, speed and user-friendly optimization.
  3. Generally, most of these hacking tools have the same outcome, such as unlimited supplies, cash, and gold, diamonds and forge points essential in playing the game. Some offer them in a browser type whereas you need to input your username or e-mail. On the other hand, other sites offer easy to download and install hacking launchers.
  4. Apart from the aforesaid information, some hacking tools do not only provide your necessities in the game but also promotes unlock upgrade features, high level of security and speed as well as disabling advertisements to pop-up during the game or the opening of the game.

Forge of Empires Hack InterfaceManage your game and start looking for a convenient hacking site or tool to manipulate your gaming experience in a much more awesome play. Get exposed to the different tactics on how to build cities and win on your battles. Tough armors and weapons are needed to drive out the enemies and huge investments are necessary to build strong facilities as protection against the adversaries. Get unlimited gold, diamonds, and cash; forge points and supplies to make these things possible!

Warning: Hackers Form a Danger to Your Security

The internet security becomes susceptible to threats because several IT programmers and developers used their knowledge to unlock the crucial information about a company or an individual. In this year 2016, expect vast victims of hack attacks, these intruders may manipulate your data and extort you to provide money as a ransom. The hackers can expose your profile or penetrate in a site to pilfer bank accounts or may create links then eventually entrap you.

Cyber Crimes on Games

gamehacksThe statistics for hacking have grown in a widespread direction across all of the networks in every country. Hacking is not only applicable to internet, software or hardware; it can even break through in the most unnoticeable way. How did I say so? It is because the next targets of these keystroke loggers are the commonly used gadgets such as gaming consoles and smartphones. Even the leading game distributor company – Sony, is not an exception. Recent headline news had disseminated that Sony shuts down its PlayStation network and Qriocity service behind the external intrusion issue. About 77 million accounts were infected due to this viral invasion. In addition, hackers become rich with the illegal businesses that they set forth and even teenagers nowadays are becoming the primary victims of these illicit schemes. How could this be possible? Online players of the modern generation are becoming more aggressive when it comes to various games. They download BOT engines to work for their game plays while they are away from their keyboards. Some BOT engines are not only utilized for free use because they can be a great source of earning a thousand dollars of money. By the way, BOT engines are software that runs like an assistant to execute specific tasks in a set of instructions. The word ‘BOT’ also simply pertains to robot software.

If This Happened to 2015, What More Will Happen in 2016?

Let’s do the math. The trend for savage computer attacks in the previous year arises from 50.7% use of credit cards, 40.5% C2 or backdoor use, 29.4% miscellaneous errors, 25.1% crimeware, 20.6% identity theft, 19% SQLI, 15.3% loss from physical theft, 8.3% RFI and abuse of the system/software functionality, 6.8% brute force, 6.3% XSS, 4.1% web application attacks, 3.9% denial of service, 3.4% path traversal, 2% force browsing or pop up browsers, 1.5% operating system commanding, 0.8% cyber espionage, 0.7% POS Intrusions and 0.1% card skimmers. If these cyber crimes occurred in the prior year, this is a massive warning to all.

No one can be exempted from this outbreak, if you don’t want to become a prey from it then, you should not allow providing all of your details and exposing them to the internet.

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